We, Star Tech Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., a textile pigment printing company, were set up in 1984 by our founder and later our President, Mr. Vichien Yamananon who has started his career in the field of textile industry since the year 1975. The inception of ourselves at that time was to manufacture textile pigment printing products to serve the printing sector of the growing textile industry in Thailand.

Through the company shared Values being:


We have been well and widely accepted by local textile industry as a reliable supplier. We supply to our customers who are end users like printing houses and also to trading companies who re-sell in local market as well as export to oversea market. After our textile pigment printing product has acquired its firm footing in the market, we have added textile auxiliaries and chemicals in our product line with an aim to be an additional option for entrepreneurs in the textile industry. Later our product line has been expanded to cover another two lines being cleaning products and screen-printing accessories.

Therefore, now our product lines are as hereunder:

Pigment Dispersion and Paste for textile and garment printing
Textile Auxiliaries and Chemicals i.e. pre-treatment agents, dyeing and printing auxiliaries, finishing auxiliary and etc.
Cleaning Products i.e. dish wash liquid, washing powder and etc.
Screen-Printing Accessories i.e. screen fabric, screen frame, squeegee and etc.

After playing active role and accumulating experience in domestic market for more than 20 years, we have recently started to export by ourselves with the:

Vision: To be one of the major Thai exporters of textile pigment printing products to ASEAN and South Asia textile markets, taking part in spearheading to bring in foreign currency into our country and to promote the value of Thainess abroad.

We will strive to work cohesively to achieve our Vision through our Mission by living up to our shared Values.